Sirio Lamp Sergio Brazzoli for Harvey Guzzini excellent € 175,00

Harvey_Guzzini_bedlamp_tafellamp_Sirio_Sergio_Brazzoli__Lampa_Italy_1970s_depot_19_depot19_Olst_5.jpg Harvey_Guzzini_bedlamp_tafellamp_Sirio_Sergio_Brazzoli__Lampa_Italy_1970s_depot_19_depot19_Olst_4.jpg Harvey_Guzzini_bedlamp_tafellamp_Sirio_Sergio_Brazzoli__Lampa_Italy_1970s_depot_19_depot19_Olst_3.jpg Harvey_Guzzini_bedlamp_tafellamp_Sirio_Sergio_Brazzoli__Lampa_Italy_1970s_depot_19_depot19_Olst_2.jpg

Sirio Lamp Sergio Brazzoli for Harvey Guzzini excellent

White 1970s Sirio or Sirius lamp by Sergio Brazzoli and Ermanno Lampa for Harvey Guzzini. The lamp consists of two white plastic half-spheres which are slightly apart to allow white light to escape from within

Design en fabrication
Designer or in style of:Brazzoli S. ( Sergio )
Manufacturer:Harvey Guzzini
Design year:1970s
Design period:
  • 1970 till 1979
Width:15 cm
Deep:15 cm
Hieght:19 cm
  • Plastic
  • ****** Excellent
Comments:The company Harvey Guzzini was founded in 1958 in Italy by the Guzzini family. The Guzinni's begin to make copper objects, but soon they are completely concerned with the design and manufacture of plastic lamps. The name Harvey comes from the movie with the imaginary rabbit and James Stewart in 1950. Luigi Massoni was given the task of developing the business style with Harvey's invisible rabbit. He also designed various lamps for the company Guzzini. Raimondo Guzzini and Giannunzio brother together produced production and research into design and lighting. In 1981, the name of Harvey Guzzini changed to iGuzzini. The iGuzzini company is still a leader in the lighting industry.
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€ 175,00
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